the romans
Updated: 4/28/2020
the romans
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  • we arrived in britain in the 43ad, because here ther is a lot of agricolture and the tin and lead and the position is perfect
  • we also built roads and towns and the Hadrian's wall and we creatied the settlement of londinium our capital
  • we leave the britain in the 410 with costantino III
  • we talk latin,we administer the territory and we protect rome from barbarians
  • we are christians so we believe in one god
  • hi i like to make people smile but now i have to be serious you know that we settled south of Hadrian's wall,and formed seven kingdoms known as the Heptarchy
  • we came from north europe, we came to britan because we were looking for farming land
  • i'm a farmer, did yuo know that we have our group of family called clans and the loyality is the most important value for us
  • i'm livin in the hallis the center of the comiunity i'm a seller of horses
  • we were christianized by pope Gregory I,the monasteres became imporant cultural centre
  • i'm a blacksmithwe are very important because we create weapons that are used in battle
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