Divorce stanza 1
Updated: 11/27/2020
Divorce stanza 1

Storyboard Text

  • I did not promise with you till death do us part, or anything like that
  • so part I must,and quickly
  • bruh
  • I cannot suffer any longer
  • connotations of promise are obligation commitmentshe says that she does not promise which suggests that she does not care or want to promise anything.
  • mother you never ever said a kind word or a thank you for all the tedious chores I've done
  • she says so part I must instead of so i must part to sound formal and older .
  • Father,your breath smells like a camel's and it gives me the hump;
  • connotations of suffer torture, torment and pain this is obviously an over eggsageration.
  • off in a cream puff, lady muck
  • this quote uses imperfect repetition to emphasise the possible fact that she is not appreciatedconnotations of tedious bothersome repetitive.
  • she uses a simile and she also has a creative way of saying her dad's breath stinks
  • dad mocks his daughter
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