Among the Hidden Chapters 11-13

Updated: 6/25/2020
Among the Hidden Chapters 11-13

Storyboard Text

  • Moe's retired!!
  • Then, WE QUIT!!
  • Excellent!!
  • We are pleased to serve you, master!
  • Bring it on!
  • Surrender!!
  • By the time Greg cleaned the cafe to make it his, he decide to be a master chef and quit being the CEO of Disney, it was morning and his first customers had already arrived. Greg realized that some of Moe's old waitresses came, it was Blanche and the other Goth members. Blanche shouted, ”Where’s Moe?” I looked petrified. “He...retired.” Blanche and the others said, "WE QUIT!!"
  • Greg had to get new staff members and fortunately, Moe was selling his old robot cafe worker After they arrived, things started to brighten up. Greg's first customer arrived, and it was none other than Mr. Moe! “You’re no longer welcome in this cafe I told him.” The waitresses immediately said, “Yes, master.” I took out my phone and called the police, but there was no answer.
  • Then, Greg remembered something. During his time at Pixar, Greg built his own unique lightsaber, took it out, and said “Surrender!” The waitresses turned into aggressive robot. “Bring It On” I shouted, and everything came to a halt. The police came, and said, “You’re under arrest Moe Skywalker.” To Be Continued...