Counter reformation

Updated: 10/15/2020
Counter reformation

Storyboard Text

  • Protestants leave or die
  • Hi My Name is Josh English and this is My comic Strip about The Counter Reformation
  • More main goals were to eliminate the abuses some protestants criticized and to reform the principles that the protestants were against.
  • They wanted to clarify on there teachings and win back people to Catholicism
  • The main goals of the Counter reformation were to get church members to remain loyal to them by increasing their faith.
  • The council of Trent was a meeting which the Protestants and the Catholics held and they rejected Protestants and was mainly focused on trying to make Catholicism look good.
  • They wanted to address the abuses in the church and clarify Catholic teaching
  • The Jesuits main goal was to travel around wherever they were sent and try to spread Catholicism and make Protestants look bad and explain the teachings of Catholicism.
  • The Jesuits were a group of very well educated people that were very catholic.
  • They did this by killing and torturing people they would burn them at stake in front of everyone that lived there and if the people that confessed to there sins they were strangled they wanted people to stop converting into Protestants and stay Catholic
  • The goals of the Roman Inquisition were to scare pretty much everyone in that town to not turn over into Protestants.
  • It was a list of Books you were forbidden to read and if you did it said you would be punished and you were sinning.
  • The purpose of the Index of Forbidden books was to prevent the spread of faith or corruption of the morals of the Catholic Church