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Updated: 10/8/2020
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  • At the Beach
  • Gene's test
  • trigonometry
  • F
  • F
  • Studies
  • The boys woke up at the beach to the sun rising. Finny Played some more in the water and then they ride back to the school.Finny is the one in the light blue shirt (in said in chapter 3 that is what he is wearing) .Gene is being to have some internal conflict because finny messing around instead of going back to the school so he could study).
  • Chet Douglass
  • They got back just in time for Gene's test. Gene flunked it but after they played a game of Blitzball. Which took his mind off of it.
  • Study Fight
  • They working in there room and talking about the chances of Gene being valedictorian. They talked about how Douglass has the best chance and how if Gene did when Finny would kill him self do to envy. Gene then began to feel paranoid that finny was trying to ruin his studies.
  • Super Suicide Society
  • Chet Douglass, he is the smartest kid in there class. But he was weakened by his own interest in work. For example when they read the Candide, Douglass continued to read Voltaire's books will the rest of the classes moved on to new people.
  • Gene got upset with Fenny because Gene needed to study instead of go to the Super Suicide Society. Fenny told him he didn't have to go to the meeting if he need to study. Gene came along to the meeting anyway.
  • When they arrived Fenny told him he wanted to jump out of the tree together. They both climbed up the tree and were ready to jump but Gene shock the branch. finny turned around and fell of the branch on to the ground bellow.
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