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Science Project Newtons Laws
Updated: 3/26/2020
Science Project Newtons Laws
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  • Of course, Michelle, let's go outside & bring your brother Peter out too.
  • Hey Mom, can you help me with my homework? It's on Newtons 1st and 2nd laws.
  • So Newton's 1st law or the Law of Inertia states that an object will stay in motion or stay still unless changed by an outward force.
  • An object's Inertia is it's a ability to remain unchanged.
  • Let's experiment with 2 rocks.
  • Objects with more mass tend to have more inertia.
  • Both of you try to carry your rock. As you can see Peter is able to move his rock and Michelle isn't able to.
  • Parker's rock doesn't have enough inertia to stay in the same spot.
  • Michelle's rock has a lot more inertia because her rock is harder to carry.
  • Also in this case you guys are the outward force.
  • Friction is a force that resists motion on a surface.
  • See when I kick this ball it stays in motion and in the same speed, until friction acts upon it.
  • The Ball's inertia isn't enough to resist the friction of the ground..
  • Our last example is here. This ball is at rest.
  • At rest
  • When I kick it, the ball is no longer at rest and is now in motion.
  • The inertia of the ball couldn't wasn't strong enough to resist the force from my foot.
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