The "perfect" friend

Updated: 10/13/2021
The "perfect" friend

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  • She really wanted to talk to me and I knew it but I did not want to speak to her.Even though she had been a devoted friend and teacher for 2 years I did not want to talk to her after what went down with me and the red guards,and after her being a victim of da-zi bow as a teacher.I didn't want to risk being caught but I decided to stay anyways.
  • Ji li wait a minute.
  • Good morning Teacher Gu.
  • I felt bad knowing that she knew I was trying to avoid her,But I was also intrigued on what she had to say.Yet I still started to look down the hallway to see if any Red successors were going to catch us talking to each other.
  • I have some good news for you-2
  • I'm not unhappy-1
  • Ji li don't be so unhappy-1
  • You know the junior high admissions policy has been changed.Instead of entrance exams teachers are assigning students to their schools.Ji-li all of the sixth grade agreed to assign you to shi-yi junior high.-1
  • I was estatic at the news teacher gu had just told me.After the news of me not being able to become a Red guard I became sad ,and I had almost gave on shi yi but now I know the teachers did not. I felt silly trying to avoid teacher gu when she had such good news and I wanted to thank her.But when I looked up she was almost down the hallway
  • Shi-Yi my dream in spite of everything my dream is coming true'[[
  • That's right!It looked like you needed some good news to cheer you up.
  • I was so excited that I got to talk and say thank you to teacher wu.I even asked which school my bestfriend An-yi was going to and after she told me the same one i was going to I was even more excited because she had been sick and needed some good news too.I knew that I had been working hard enough to get this opportunity and could not stop smiling.
  • Teacher Gu!! I called Thank you
  • Teacher what school was An-yi assigned to?
  • The same as you but don't tell anyone ok.