Depression chapter 30
Updated: 3/11/2020
Depression chapter 30

Storyboard Text

  • I hate being in Hooverville
  • I know I hope the New deal works
  • I dont know about that it seems to radical
  • No, i think things like public works and social welfare will really help
  • whats that sound?!
  • It looks like a black blizzard
  • wow, im glad we got inside. I hope every ones OK
  • I dont know it look pretty big. It will probably destroy all the crops we might need a bread line and soup kitchen ready
  • your right this could be bad. I hope this property value dosnt go down I just bought this house.
  • ya we barely have a living wage too we wont be able to fix the damage to your house
  • wow im glad that over I just hate the arguments between left wing and right wings now
  • ya I agree its causing more problems