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Water Pollution Project - Kara M.
Updated: 3/5/2020
Water Pollution Project - Kara M.
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  • Hinkley Water Contamination
  • Something needs to be done to stop these dangerous contaminations!
  • 1. The people of Hinkley discovered that the PG&E Company knowingly dumped wastewater contaminated with Chromium-6 into the region's groundwater.
  • 2. The wastewater seeped through the groundwater into the aquifer which provides Hinkley the water they need.
  • 3. Once the contaminated water reached the people it resulted in prostate, cervical, breast, and stomach cancers as well as an increase in birth defects.
  • Even with the contamination of the Chromium wastewater occuring between 1952 - 1966, the environment itself shows to have no affects from this event. Although, as for the people of Hinkley, California, there have been several cases of poeple falling ill with several types of cancer, respiratory problems, and an increase in birth defects. With all that being said years later the contamination is still being cleaned up as the remaining few who stayed in the town are still facing many health risks.
  • The Historical Impacts
  • What Can We Do?
  • In order to prepare, people need to be aware of the impacts water contamination can have them and the environment around them.
  • How to get others involved:1. Spread awareness 2. Address the impacts it has had3. Find other communities who went through a similar event4. Create a group that people can join to discuss this topic5. Teach the importance and risks of this topic
  • How People Can Help
  • How people can help these communities:1. Volunteer 2. Provide them with needed necessities 3. Help spread awareness of their situation.4. Search for ways to prevent this types of events in the future.5. Donate to organizations that are helping these communities.
  • The Hinkley Contamination in California showcases the outcome of poor responsibility and knowledge of water pollution involving their own wastewater that was handled in a way the resulted in several negative outcomes. Water contamination, in this case involving chromium-6, has affected the people around it in several ways that resulted in health issues and with an impact as dangerous as this event had, the issue becomes very serious. Thus, a change must be made not just for the environment but for the lives of the people involved.
  • Conclusion
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