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Updated: 5/8/2020
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  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 11
  • Tea Cake is not a wealthy man Janie
  • okay
  • Chapter 11
  • I want to make our relationship public
  • Janie wonders where is Tea Cake since he hasn't shown in a week. A week later Tea Cake appears and goes to the store to play checkers with Janie while they drink soda. Then Tea Cake walk Janie home and they stayed in the porch talking.
  • Chapter 12
  • Maybe he wants you for your money
  • He proposed the idea to go fishing at night and they stayed the night there. The next day Hezekiah tell Janie that Tea Cake is not a wealthy man and she's older than him. Janie didnt pay much attention about what he was saying cause he likes him as a friend.
  • Chapter 12
  • I want a fresh start.
  • Tea Cake dissapeared for a day and Janie was wondering where he was. However, the next day Tea Cake appeaers saying he left to work. Tea Cake dissapears again for three days and when he comes back with a car. He tells Janie taht his feelings are real and that he want to make their relationship public.
  • Chapter 13
  • The town people were mad at Janie because she when to a picnic with Tea Cake. However, the Town people didnt approve them. Sam think he's with Janie because of her money, but Phoeby doesn't think the same. Janie tell them she loves him and she's willing to risk it
  • Janie wants to sell the store and get married to Tea Cake because all she wants is a fresh start. The town people doesnt think Janis is loyal because Joe died 9 monts ago.
  • Tea cake sen Janie a letter telling her that they're going to get married in Jacksonville. As Janie and Tea Cake are back home, the next day Tea Cake leaves. Janie realized someone stole $200 from her.When Tea Cake return home he tell Janie he tool=k the money because he buyed food for his friends.
  • We just got married!
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