The Fifth Amendment

The Fifth Amendment
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  • 5th Amendment
  • Sir what was there a reason that she accused you?
  • I plead the 5th
  • She has already tried to charge me for a crime I didnt commit and I was innocent but now she is trying to charge me again!!!
  • It says here they offered you more than they offer others so you would be incorrect sir.
  • 5th Amendment
  • You cant just charge me you have to have enough proof!!!
  • Officer you can not take him because we have no been through all the evidence and witnesses. As well as that would not be Due process of law
  • But the money they offered me for my land is way to low!!!
  • Alright buddy lets go your going to jail!
  • 6th Amdendment
  • Lets hurry this up I have somewhere to be after this!
  • Hurry up and get out we have a trial to get to!!!
  • Lets see if this trial goes smooth
  • Already ts barely been a day
  • In this skit I did 2 of the laws. To represent not having to answer a question that incriminates you the police officer asked him something and he said that he pleads the 5th. To represent that you cant be charged twice for the same thing I had him say that he has been charged and found innocent one and the woman is trying again for the same thing.
  • 6th Amendment
  • So are we going to did it back in India?
  • Well actually it would make more sense if we did the trial here since this is where the crime took place
  • In this skit I did 3 laws. To represent due to process of law I had the judge say no to the officer when he was trying to take the man to jail immediately. To represent Private property cant be taken without a fair offer I had him say it was not a good offer but then the judge correct him that it was more than usual. To represent A grand jury must indict all capital cases the guy said you dont have enough proof to send him to jail which shows that they need a reasonable amount of proof
  • 6th Amendment
  • I have still not been told what I am being charged for!!!
  • In this skit I chose 2 laws. In the top skit I represented speedy trial by having the officer tell her that its time for the trial and she is confused on why she is out so fast. On the bottom scene I am representing a public trial by having other people in the court room to make sure everything is going smooth.
  • 6th Amendment
  • In this skit I did 2 laws. On the top I am representing for the case to be heard in community where the crime took place by having a lawyer correct someone on where the trial will be held. On the bottom I am representing impartial trial by making the judge say that she is not taking sides and is only telling the truth.
  • She is lying!!! Dont you believe me more than her!
  • Madam I understand your frustration but I am not picking sides here I am stating the facts and only the facts
  • In this skit I decided to do 2 of the laws. For the skit on top the man is demanding that he knows what he is being charged for and confused on why nobody has told him. This represents knowing the charges against you. In the skit on the bottom the girl is asking her accuser why he did so. That goes along with confronting your accusers.
  • Sir you accused me of this crime and I would like to know why
  • For this skit I decided to do 2 of the laws. For the man on the right that is talking about how he would like the help from his lawyer and that goes along with having the assistance of counsel. For the man on the left he is asking to call up his defendant and that goes with calling a witness in your defense.
  • I would like to call my defendant to the stand
  • I would like to have my lawyers assistance in this trial
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