PIratas . 6-11
Updated: 12/10/2019
PIratas . 6-11
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  • quiero el mapa del dinero y . el tesoro
  • Capitulo 6, el ataque.
  • no lo vos entender porque yo si
  • capitulo 7, el robo grande
  • dime donde esta el . mapa . es ahora.
  • no, es mio, nunca lo . conseguras.
  • ah, que pasa, esta noqueando la mayor parte del tiempo.
  • Capitulo 8, determinacion
  • tomaron la pistola de dinero y lo mas importante, el mape
  • The Spanish boat is in front of Henry's boat (Perla Blanca). The Pirates think "Santiago" looks and sounds feminine. Henry gets mad that they are looking at her and not the boat. They prepare to attack. The Pirates go towards each other to attack. Antonio attacks Henry.
  • capitulo 9, la isla secreto
  • lo hicimos es un tesoro y agua magica.
  • hey, dentelos ahora que son bienes
  • Henry questions Antonio about where the secret map is. Henry knows Antonio knows where the map and island are but Antonio won't say. Santiago grabs the pistol from Antonio then hits him on the head with it and he passes out. Santiago takes apart the pistol and finds a note which is actually the map to the secret island.
  • Capitulo 10, secretos revelas
  • no, nunca recibi una note de filipe
  • recibeste una nota de felipe
  • te elijo henry, quiero aventurames mas juantos .
  • Antonio finally woke up and complains about his head hurting. Then Felipe told him that the Henry's Pirates stole all the money. Antonio got very frustrated with Felipe. Then Antonio asks about his pistol and Felipe told him that the Pirates took it.
  • capitulo 11, agua de vida
  • genial vamos a jameca.
  • Henry arrives on the island with his Pirates. They cut through vegetation to get to the cave. On Antonio's boat Felipe is observing the coast of the island and sees the Perla Blanca. They eventually cut through and find the entrance.
  • Raquel goes outside the cave and sees Antonio run towards her romantically. Raquel hits Antonio on the face for abandoning her in Cuba. Antonio explains that Felipe was supposed to give her a note and Raquel says she never received a note.
  • Antonio tried to grab Raquel by the arm but she resisted it. Then Henry and Antonio fight about who belongs to be with Raquel. They become very frustrated with each other. Antonio ended up attacking Henry but Henry defended himself very well.
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