what happens after u get busted for drink driving

Updated: 6/22/2021
what happens after u get busted for drink driving

Storyboard Text

  • At the Bar
  • oh I've had a terrible day today
  • Never mind
  • I said never mind
  • Nah mate, You've already bought it up
  • You good bro
  • You can tell us
  • To many Drinks later
  • Oi what happened
  • Bruh, I was gonna ask you
  • F*ck it
  • In his car
  • what am i doing
  • At the bar Rory has had a c*nt of a day and is feeling depressed because he has just found out he is suffering for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), Depression, Anxiety, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and he has heard some very depressing stuff and isn't feeling 100%
  • He fell asleep in the car
  • You are getting 3 years in jail for drink driving
  • While his 2 mates are over talking, Rory desides to go home after drinking to many Vodka Cruisers and it doesn't go well for him
  • At the prison
  • f*ck sake i should've listened to the boys
  • While Rory is driving home he is starting to regret everything and falls asleep in his car
  • Getting out of prision
  • After Rory fell asleep in his car he dislocated his shoulder and his leg in 2 places and has been sentenced 3 years in jail for drink driving.
  • While Rory is in the prison he has a lot of flashbacks and is sitting there regretting everything.
  • After his three year sentence his mate has come to pick him up and tells him that he can stay in his house for a bit til he gets his life back on track