English TTTC Assignment
Updated: 6/2/2020
English TTTC Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! I'm Tim O'Brien. I just got home from a hard day at work and I just got a letter from the War General. I can't believe my eyes. It's a draft letter.
  • Do I enlist or do I run? I hate the war. I hate the murders. I am not capable of being involved in that madness. But what do I do? Run or stay?
  • Are those sirens and police coming after me?
  • I can't back down. I'm not one to flee. I must go back. I have to fight for my country, even though I am not cut out for war at all.
  • Tim O'Brien is the narrator in the story, The Things They Carried. He is a soldier in the story. At the beginning of the story, we find out that Tim O'Brien receives a letter telling him he has been drafted in the war. He now has to make a very important decision. The contemplation of what to do is showing us he is a perserving character who is willing to weigh his options best.
  • What have I done? I am a killer. How did I do that? I am not that kind of person.
  • Tim O'Brien is pictured in his kitchen debating whether or not to enlist or flee away. This is a crucial decision for him to make. The story discusses the debate going on in his head which represents his character overall. He is torn as pictured demonstrating a concienctious characteristic.
  • My Kiowa, my bestfriend. How could someone have killed her!
  • Tim O'Br----
  • The narrator Tim O'Brien is pictured here at the border of Canada where he makes the decision whether to flee or enlist. This is a major part of the storyline. We learn a lot about the type of person O'Brien is as he realizes what he wants to do. This is the start of his strong character and persistent mind. The story mentions how he notices the cop cars and lights while then being frightened.
  • Linda, Oh how I miss her so much. The war has taken a toll on my mental health. The years, the hurtful memories, and the reality of the truth.
  • As Tim O'Brien makes the decision to in fact enlist in the war, he recounts in a story about a specific event that changed his life, as pictured in the image. He shot a man in the war which was something he said he was never capable of doing. By telling this story, it shows the reader how Tim has developed into a more guilty and regretful character at this point but still strong-minded.
  • Tim O'Brien is pictured here as his bestfriend Kiowa was shot. Kiowa was known to be the heart of the Alpha Company. At this point, in The Things They Carried, we see the emotional side of Tim. In his telling of "Speaking of Courage" he really shows how he is an emotional and supportive type of character.
  • A dreary, dark setting completes Tim O'Briens thoughts at the end of the story. We see him more now as a pessimistic, dreary, and upset type of character because of what he has went through and developed as. He is shown writing down his final thoughts about his experience through the rigorous war.