Two kinds

Updated: 10/15/2020
Two kinds

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  • Two Kinds- Amy Tan from the good luck club
  • Jing Mei´s mother wanted Jing Mei to be a child prodigy so she went to take her to a haircut school and put her in the hands of a student who could barely hold sissors, because she could barley hold sissors she didnt cut Jing Mei´ś very well so her hair came out as peterpans haircute
  • Jing Mei´s mother signed Jing Mei up for piano lessons with the old man from the first floor of the apartment and paid him with cleaning. Jing Mei secretly called him Old chong. Because old chong was old he couldn´t hear or see very well and he couldn't hear the fact that Jing Mei was slacking off on purpose
  • Are you sure you want to give it to me?
  • Old Chong wanted Jing Mei to preform the piano at a talent show. Jing mei was very exited to preform for the first time and when she went on stage to play she was confident, but because she had been slacking off she played all the wrong notes.Old Chong didn't hear her bombing the performance so he stood up and cheered for her. Her Mother and Father were really disapointed in her.
  • Jing mei was watching tv when her mother came up to her and said ¨ Piano at 4¨ Jing mei ignored her mother, and kept ignoring her untill her mother grabbed her and forced her onto the piano. Jing Mei started to cry on the piano, she did not want to play the piano.
  • Jing mei´s mother called her for 30th birthday so she could give her her old piano as a peace offering for forgiveness, When Jing mei went to go get the piano pleading child and perfectly contented where sitting on the piano. She thought of it as a symbol nof her life.