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Skiit 2
Updated: 3/15/2020
Skiit 2
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  • In a high school English class, three students were placed together for a group project, their task was to develop a campaign for Mark Antony, in order to get him elected for Senate. The issue was that they all had different ideas on what their campaign should look like.
  • But people don’t pay attention to what they see on Instagram, they just scroll and double tap. We need to persuasive, how about creating a broadcast, we could get permission to show it a lunch.
  • We should create an Instagram account; it will be seen by the greatest number of people.
  • A broadcast is too impersonal, same with the Instagram, we need for people to care. We need to speak directly to the populous, we could travel room to room getting permissions to give speeches during class time. They will all have to pay attention, and they will be able to ask questions and add comments allowing for us to have a more coherent argument.
  • We only have two weeks till elections, we need to do something that is easy to put on in order to get our position across to the voters as soon as possible, it takes way too much coordination and time to exercise your guy’s ideas. Plus, we have other work from other classes to work on as well.
  • That will be an interruption to classes, they teachers will then not respect our campaign, and they have a vote too.
  • What about posting our speeches on Instagram after we perform them so that people will have to go back and remind themselves of who Mark Antony is, which might get them to pay more attention.
  • They have a point, what about a combination of our ideas, obviously we won’t be able to everything every one of us want, but we can still combine our ideas.
  • But what about before we start doing speeches? It might take a few days to prepare what we are going to say.
  • We could post shorter messages beforehand, then when we start giving speeches, we can add on to that.
  • And what about the deliverance of our speeches, I would be willing to give them in the commons, so long as we say them in person. No videos or recordings.
  • And so, like that the decision was made, working together through collaboration,they were able to come up with a plan for their project together.
  • While that is not exactly what I would have wanted to do, we need to make this decision quickly, so I am okay with doing that, who knows it might even work better than my idea.
  • Great collaboration everyone!!
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