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Skit 1
Updated: 3/15/2020
Skit 1
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  • It was a cloudy mid-afternoon, with birds chirping, waiting for the arrival of spring.The children were still wearing thick coats while they played in the park.Walking down the street there were two university women, coming home from work.The sun was close to setting, and parents were calling their kids in.
  • I was thinking about going to the bar tonight. You should join me.
  • Thanks for the invitation, but I have school tomorrow morning and I still have to do some work before going to bed. Maybe another day?
  • Come on, you never do anything fun, you already spent like 10 hours studying for your test, and another like three hours doing homework. If you never have any fun, then you will regret it when you are older.
  • I know that you want me to go, and I will another day, but today is a weekday, I suggest you also find a different day, there is school tomorrow. Secondly, we are both underage, you need to be21 do drink in America, not 18 like back home. Can we agree to find another day to go out and do something fun, without breaking the law and without worrying about being tired for classes.
  • I already made up my mind, don’t you have other people you can go with?
  • How can I make friends when you won’t do anything or go anywhere, you ask me not to leave you behind, and yet you leave be behind all the time. We started school three months ago, and we have yet to do any things that your supposed to do in university. This isn’t high school, you don’t need a 4.0, you just need a passing grade. Plus, you don’t even have to have a single drink, you just need to take a break from all the work you have been doing.
  • I am not going to succumb to this peer pressure, I have a test to study for and homework to do, maybe another time, after we are of age and it is a weekend. Goodbye.
  • You and your logic, you can do what you want, but I am going to go out tonight, the whole world parties at university, it’s our last chance to have any fun and meet new and cool people before we grow up and have to get real jobs. Have fun doing homework, that is unless you realize how much more fun you will have if you come with me, the whole school is going to be there, do you really want to be that one kid?
  • Bye.
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