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Updated: 11/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • There are many important abiotic elemints in the rain forest. The amount of water,rocks and sunlight are important elemnts
  • Hi, my name is Micheal and today we will be learning about the Amazon Rainforest, its a very humid hot an beautiful place with amazing animals. Lets get started.
  • The Amazon Rainforst is found is Brazil. It expands from Columbia to peru to boliva and ends at the pacifac ocean, and it also covers a quater of brazil.
  • There are many animals in the rainforest, some we have here. First we have a Jauguar next Tiger, Pecan, Cobra, and Fogs
  • Yes gabby There are many. Some prouders are trees, grass and plants. Some consumers are jauguars , gorillas and boa. and some decpompsers are termits, slugs and worms
  • Micheal is there producers, consumers and decomposers in the rain forest
  • The weather in the rain forest is very unpredicdable but it mostly rains here all the time on and off and when it is not raining in is very humid.
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