Framed by James Ponti
Updated: 9/9/2020
Framed by James Ponti

Storyboard Description

Florian Bates a 12 year old seventh grader moved to washington with a fresh start that he would never forget. while living in washington Florian becomes friends with a girl named Margaret who he teaches what he TOAST. TOAST stands for the theory of all small things and is a method that he uses every day to figure out a lot of things, but he didn't expect it to lead t him using TOAST to solving the robbery of three missing van gogh painting at the national art Gallery. Margaret is also an adopted child who has been wandering who her parents were so Florian disieds to try to figure out this mystery too. Later when florian is captured he figures out that the robber of the three van goghs and Margaret's parents are connected.

Storyboard Text

  • Washington D.C.
  • who did this
  • who did this
  • who did this
  • I think you should go florian.
  • Okay mom.
  • This case is impossible. But we have to solve this Margaret.
  • Florian! I just found something about a European man who seems to of had a criminal past.
  • Margaret that European guy his here and I'm in the middle of it!
  • Yeah I see.
  • when the buyer supposed to be here?
  • five minutes sir.
  • Incase they try to capture you again tap this fake inhaler twice and we get notified.
  • Wow. Thankyou.
  • Doesn't matter what does is that in less than ten minutes the fbi will be here because of that inhaler
  • What. How long have you known!
  • THE FBI'S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!