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5th hour, Kyle Wecker, Unit Review
Updated: 10/1/2019
5th hour, Kyle Wecker, Unit Review
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  • We worked 10 long years to pay it off!
  • Oh darling, it was a fake!
  • Hope you liked your roses!
  • Madame Forestier and her husband got invited to a dance. She didn't think she had anything apropriet to where to the dance so her husband let her buy a dress, and she went to her rich friends house to bowrow a necklace. She lost the necklace at the dance and bought a new one and worked ten years to pay it off, only to find out she lost a fake.
  • General Zarroff, get ready.
  • All the towns people gathered and started the lottery. The Hutchinson family along with others got called. Mrs. Hutchinson won the lottery so she got stoned to death.
  • Miss Strangworth knows everyone in the town, and every one knew her. When she talks to people she talks nice and compliments them, but when she gets home she writes a anonymous letter to them saying bad things. One day when she was dropping off a letter, it fell and a boy took it to the address saying it was from Miss Strangworth, then the people at the address cut her prized possession, her roses.
  • Rainsford fell off his yacht and swam to an island. When he got there he saw lights and it was General Zarroffs chateau and he hunts humans for sport. General Zarroff decided to hunt Rainsford, and rainsford survived and killed Zarroff in his home.
  • Fortunato insulted Montresor so Montresor lured him down into the catacombs. When they got deep Montresor chained him up in a crypt. He lined the entrance to the crypt with stones and left him there to die.
  • Mr. Maloney asked his wife Mary Maloney for a divorce, and Mary went into shock. She took a frozen turkey leg and hit him over the head with it and killed him. When the cops got there they searched for the murder weapon, Mary asked them to eat and they ate the murder weapon, the turkey leg.
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