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Updated: 1/28/2020
history one pager
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  • Chapter 7: The Orgins and Spread of Islam
  • 7.2 Arabia in the 6th Century
  • 7.3 Muhammad's Early Life
  • 7.4 The Call to Prophethood
  • When Muhammad was born, Arabia was not a united country--they did share connections via language and their culture. There was a division between the rich and poor.
  • 7.5 Muhammad's Teaching Meet with Rejection
  • Following Muhammad’s birth into the Hashim clan, he was sent to live with nomads in the desert to learn traditional Arab values (kindness to strangers, etc). Upon his return, he was orphaned due to family deaths, whereupon he lived with his uncle (Abu Talib) who taught him the ways of being a trustworthy and successful merchant. He met and married his wife, Khadijah with whom he had children.
  • 7.6 From the Migration to Madinah to the End of His Life
  • Around 610 C.E., while meditating in a cave on a hill surrounding Mecca, Muhammad was visited by the angel, Gabriel, who informed him that Muhammad would be the messenger of God. Over the next 22 years, he would continue to receive messages from Gabriel, which would help form the words that eventually became the Qur’an.
  • Muhammad began preaching the ideals of Islam to people outside his close family and friends. Those in power did not want his influence to continue (bad for business), so they organized a boycott of Muhammad’s clan which resulted in the deaths of both Abu Talib and Khadijah. Muhammad rode a winged horse to Jerusalem where he prayed with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, and then flew into heaven where he met God (The Night Journey).
  • Following Abu Talib’s death, Muhammad was asked by pilgrims from Yathrib (Madinah) to move back with them to help bring peace between two warring tribes. Mecca and Muslims were in conflict with one another until Muhammad and his followers took over the city and converted everything (incl. The Ka’bah) into monotheistic ideals. In 632, Muhammad passed away.
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