The Giver
Updated: 10/8/2018
The Giver
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  • In this picture, we're representing sameness which is one of the most important themes in "The Giver". In "The Giver" everyone is mostly the sane from their houses to what they ware. While everyone is the same in this book, Jonas feels different from everyone because he starts to become different from them by being able to see color and seeing "beyond". When Jonas realizes this he thinks that it's not fare that he is different from everyone when everyone else is the same as everyone. Because of how Jonas feels this leads to a very important part in the story which happens in the Climax.
  • In this picture we're representing individuality/ freedom of thought. Jonas ans the Giver can express this a lot in the book. From being able to read books, being able to see "beyond", and seeing the memories. This is very important in the book because,
  • In this picture, we're representing conformity. In the book conformity is a very big thing. They use this in almost everything, from finding their partner husband/wife, their jobs, and their children. They also, have to follow every law or they get "released". You can also get "released" for being a twin. This is very important in the book because, it shows how strict the community is and how important it is to be grouped with people that are like you and how important it is to follow the rules.
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