Three Precious Packets (Part 2)
Updated: 1/30/2021
Three Precious Packets (Part 2)

Storyboard Text

  • Niu was now a very wealthy man. He has a lot of money, maids and chefs.
  • But soon...
  • I am failing my examinations! But I still have a packet!!
  • So he used his 2nd last packet.
  • It told him to go to Chang's Restaurant.
  • Niu saw the 2 examiners. He wanted to overhear the conversation.
  • The examiners were talking about the examination, so now, he knew every single question on the test.
  • When Niu did his exam, he past with a distinction, and full marks. So he became an official.
  • But Niu soon fell ill. He had to use his last packet.
  • But all it said was...
  • Make your will.
  • Niu knew it was over for him, so he died peacefully.