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Updated: 3/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Election of 1800
  • Thank you for electing me I promise to do what is best for the country.
  • Marbury v. Madison
  • We should have a way to make sure that unconstitutional laws can be stopped
  • Judicial Review
  • That law seems unconstitutional. Glad the supreme court can stop it.
  • Jefferson is elected and it is the first transfer of political power in the government.
  • Louisiana Purchase
  • Pleasure doing business with you. Hope we can continue.
  • The court case established the idea of Judicial Review.
  • Lewis and Clarke
  • This is a perfect area for a new settlement
  • Judicial review states that the supreme court can declare federal laws unconstitutional.
  • Embargo Act 1807
  • The US buys territory from France for 15 million. This includes the port of New Orleans.
  • A scientific expedition into the territory of Louisiana Purchase to gather information.
  • An act passed that prevented Merchants from sailing to foreign ports.
  • We can no longer trade with Britain and this should be law