Drowning in Dishes storyboard
Updated: 1/28/2021
Drowning in Dishes storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Adkison-dishes
  • This shows Adkison working at the Pizza Hut to stay out of trouble."It kept us out of trouble"
  • Adkison's first night and the dishes are starting to stack up"On my first night, the dishes piled up after the dinner rush..."
  • Adkison checking the list to see what his job is tonight."My heart sank every time I arrived at work and saw my name written to dishes."
  • Jeff and Adkison having a conversation about why he is still on dish dutyJeff"do you know why you're still doing dishes. because you keep complaining about it."
  • Adkison telling his boss that his college application is due tomorrow and he hasn't turned it in."I had mentioned it to Jeff that an application was due the next day but that i hadn't mailed it."
  • Jeff and Adkison catching up over a pizza."We usually meet for lunch when i'm in town. Sometimes we even have pizza."