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Updated: 3/14/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hello did you not hear me the first time I said you need a search warrant!?
  • Hi I'm Saniya and today I will give you an example of violating the 4th amendment then being almost revised in a funny way.
  • Jazmyn: Open up, this is a police officer! Open up!
  • Saniya: Jazmyn the police officer is at the doorstep of Soraya trailer, Jazmyn is going to search her trailer for precaution after a complain from neighbors claiming that Soraya has a weapon in her trailer .
  • Soraya: Who that knocking on my door?
  • I just wanted to come here and say I finally got the search warrant and now I can search your trailer 😋
  • No I don't need one!
  • Hello ma'am I got a complain from a neighbor saying there is a weapon in your trailer so I need to search it.
  • Oh! You can but do you have a search warrant for this
  • Saniya: Jazmyn the officer search the place but didn't get to find more evidence because she violated the 4th amendment rule, of having a search warrant in order to search a home, which caused Soraya to get her out.
  • Don't worry ma'am I will be out here in a minute once I've search this place
  • Saniya: Later on the next day Soraya wanted to sue Jazmyn and do something about it but before she could the police came to her trailer again.
  • And that was the end of the example, thanks for watching and have a good day!
  • Oh brother! Leave now! Immediately!
  • Oh my why are you here again I was just about to sue you.
  • I just wanted to say that I finally got the search warrant even though I don't need one 😉 but now i can search your home,