Remus and Romulus
Updated: 1/16/2020
Remus and Romulus
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  • The twin boy's mom comes to the temple
  • My Uncle sent me here.
  • Who are u and why are u here?
  • The she-wolf found the twin boys
  • The Farmer found the twin boy's
  • I'm taking you to my home and your new home
  • Remus and Romulus's mother came to the temple of war. She was there because her Uncle Kidnapped her and toke her to the temple of war so her Uncle can take power.
  • Their Grandfather finds them
  • you are my grandsons!!!!
  • 9 months their mom gave birth to the twin boys. But her Uncle didn't like that. So he had someone to drown them in the Tiber river, but didn't go so well. The twin boys floated on the Tiber river and got saved by a she-wolf.
  • Romulus kills Remus
  • That is what you get for fighting with me
  • When the boy's where 9 years old they got kidnapped by a farmer, and lived their lives as shepherd.
  • Romulus Rules
  • I'm king and you listen to me
  • The boy's grew up not knowing where they really came from. Then one day they were getting sheep and their Grandfather finds them and tells them where they came from.
  • At one point in the story the two boys were fighting over what to name the city and Romulus kills Remus.
  • After Romulus killed Remus he became king. He was not the best king but he was king.
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