Jefferson and Hamilton Project
Updated: 1/19/2021
Jefferson and Hamilton Project

Storyboard Text

  • I believe in a National Bank and Mint! It will help regulate our economy
  • I believe that you are using too much of our Nation's Power!!!
  • That you President Washington. Without you I wouldn't be here.
  • You two better stop it soon. I gave Hamilton the right to build the bank!
  • That's not fair, he could destroy the economy. He has too much power!
  • You dare mock me! I want this country to flourish off agriculture!
  • It is all said and done. This country shall trade with others and prosper.
  • Thank you all for helping me. Thanks for allowing this idea happen.
  • Congratulation
  • Why do we disagree about everything!
  • Hamilton's idea is great Thomas. You need to stop butting heads.
  • I hate your motives. Everything you do is an insult to me!
  • Thank you, but we still have problems we need to fix.
  • I'm done with this. Congratulations!!!