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Updated: 1/15/2021
Story Board

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  • Oh Zeus why cant you just listen to me. People need fire for there survival.
  • I will not listen to you there are just somethings that you will not understand
  • I understand that Zeus is a god and I should listen to him. The thing is people need fire for survival.
  • O thank you kind sir now what would u want in return.
  • I told him not to give man fire and he still disobeys me. Just wait for what is coming for u Prometheus .
  • No no its fine its just a little gift.
  • Prometheus came over to Zeus and said '' why would you not give man fire ''O thunder.'' Zeus responds with'' just leave man to me he does not need the gift of fire and remember a gift comes with a penalty.
  • Sigh......
  • Prometheus had enough of listening to Zeus.So Prometheus had took matters into his own hands.So the night before he went off into his journey he had planed what he was going to do.The next day he set off to go and get fire for not just man but for every one.
  • There has to be something wrong up there but what is it.
  • Zeus was furious once he had seen that Prometheus had went behind his back and still gave man and people fire. On the other hand man was happy and Prometheus was too once he had seen the smile on mans face.
  • Thank you, my name is Prometheus.
  • My name is Hercules, so now go-go before they come.
  • Two guard's had chained Prometheus in a dungeon. Prometheus had knew that Zeus had put him there but in his head he was happy because he did a good thing for the people.
  • Man was starting to hear strange things in the mountains. It sounded like birds but he was not that sure about it.
  • Prometheus was shocked there was a man standing by him and a shot of lightning hit the chains and set Prometheus free. The mans name was Hercules.