Letter From a Burmingham Jail
Updated: 9/27/2020
Letter From a Burmingham Jail

Storyboard Text

  • Hey! You can't cut off the streets with your protests. There is a law saying that you can't protest in our town.
  • They locked me away because I broke an unjust law!!
  • We are all equal people and you are going against the christian teachings. The message you are putting out is very disappointing,
  • This is showing the theme injustice because the minorities weren't allowed to protest. They were treated less equal even though the constitution says for them to be allowed to protest.
  • This is the scene in the letter when MLK was thrown in jail for no reason other than the fact that the people in the town didn't like the message he was trying to send.
  • Here is when MLK talked to the leaders of the church and told them what they were doing was hypocritical and wrong. This made them look really bad.