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The Odyssey
Updated: 9/29/2020
The Odyssey
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Storyboard Description

Scylla & Charybdis through Cattle of the Sun God

Storyboard Text

  • Pep Talk
  • We can do it!!!
  • Charybdis & Scylla
  • Cattle of Helios
  • Don't eat the cows⚠️
  • Odysseus gives his men an encouraging speech when they are terrified and go into a wild panic. He is confident that he will survive this next obstacle, as he has all the others before it.
  • Eurylochus
  • I'm hungry, let's ignore all warnings and common sense & eat the cows.
  • Odysseus swerves his ship narrowly between Charybdis, a whirlpool-like beast, and Scylla, the multi-headed monster that eats six of Odysseus' men.
  • Ship Destroyed
  • Odysseus gives his crew a warning and orders them not to harm any of Lord Helios' cattle so that they don't anger the gods. (Obviously they won't listen).
  • Back to Calypso
  • One day, while Odysseus is asleep, Eurylochus rounds up some men and decides to go kill a cow to eat it because they are starving.
  • great idea! :)
  • Helios and the other gods of Mount Olympus aren't happy about this, but rather than kill them outright, Zeus sends a storm to destroy Odysseus' ship.
  • Odysseus grabs onto a small bit of the ship's remains and drifts at sea until he lands back at Calypso's island, where the story began.
  • *cough cough*
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