3 minute video

Updated: 6/14/2020
3 minute video

Storyboard Text

  • Opening scene
  • scene 2
  • scene 3
  • Melissa wakes up with her cat next to her and proceeds to get out of bed slowly when she hears a strange growling sound.
  • scene 4
  • Melissa attempts to exit her bedroom when she finds a crazed dog and runs back into her room yelling to Payton to stay in her room.
  • Hunter hears all the commotion and comes running upstairs from the basement and tells Melissa and Payton to run.
  • Ending Scene
  • Melissa and Payton run out of their rooms,down the stairs and out the front door. They get into Melissa's car to wait for Hunter.
  • Melissa and Payton hear Hunter yelling in painthen finally hear a gun shot. They wait for Hunter tocome out but he doesn't.
  • Melissa walks up to the front door and yells for but only hears the dog growl. Melissa runs back to the car and Melissa and Payton drive away to safety.