Updated: 4/6/2020
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  • Non retractile claws always ready to run
  • fastest land animal on the planet and can catch gazelles
  • Cheetah
  • Golden brown/yellow coat to blend in with grasslands
  • cheetah cubs have different markings to mimic a honey badger
  • strong tail used to maneuver when chasing prey
  • long hind limbs that allow them to leap 33 feet
  • Striped coat blends in with light fluttering through trees
  • Tiger
  • One of the few cats that can swim, or even hunt in water
  • They have false eyes on the back of their ears so other animals can't sneak up of them
  • Can hunt in packs if necessary
  • Excellent vision to spot prey far away so they can gain speed to kill it
  • Able to survive on any continent except Antarctica.
  • Falcons have a large keel allowing more muscle to grow and giving more flapping power
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • They have learned to hunt by grabbing their prey out of the air
  • Sleek body shape for flying, making it the fastest animal on earth with speed up to 240mph
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