Spooky story

Updated: 10/26/2020
Spooky story

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  • one evening a group o friends decided to go to abandoned house. "Uhh guys I don't think we should go in there" Jackson said. "ohh stop being a wimp" max said.
  • ''Guys this house Is so creepy lets get out of here.'' Jessica said. ''Were fine come on I see a door lets open it.'' max said.
  • "Why do I fell like someone's watching us'' Jackson said. "yeah me to Max and Jessica said" They slowly turned around and saw it. "AHAHAHAHHAHAhAHAH"' they all yelled. "YOU HAVE ENTERED MY PLAY GROUND'' The demon said.
  • After that they suddenly appeared in the basement of the house. they heard the door shut and lock. "OH man I told you we shouldn't go in here" Jackson said. "We need a plan max said. They figured out they could escape buy using the window.
  • Max broke the window and climbed out. "Guys I'm going to pull you up okay" jack said 'Sure But please hurry I'm super freaked out. " HAHAHAHAHAHH You thought it was going to be that easy to escape" the demon said Right after max escaped.
  • Max looked back one last time to see his friends being eaten by the demon. 'NOOOOOOOO" Max cried. After that the police came and couldn't find anything except 2 teen looking skeleton's and a red shirt. The legend says anybody who went into that house were never seen again.