Isolationism vs Isolation
Updated: 6/10/2020
Isolationism vs Isolation
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  • I was only going to go to the next town over!?
  • Travel restrictions
  • You cannot travel to another city in Japan.
  • No wheeled transportation.
  • Do NOT go on unnecessary journeys at this time. Fines up to $5 000 will be implemented.
  • Oh no!
  • It was better of the planet
  • The ozone has been repairing itself quicker because there is less trafic on the roads.
  • Isolationism and self isolation differ greatley.
  • I was only...
  • You and your teachings will be exiled.
  • Everybody and their ideas no matter their race, gender, religion, etc will be accepted. But only from 2 meters away!
  • One of the many simularites with Isolation vs Isolationiam is the fact that in both instiences you were very limited to where you could go in your town and province.
  • Text on the computer screens "The ozone has been repairing itself quicker because there is less trafic on the roads." In the first scenario because of Isolationism the farmers benefited because the Samurai where not being ordered to fight other colony and riot against the Imperial Court. In the second scenario the world is benefiting because the ozone is repairing itself much quicker than it would be usually due to there being much less traffic on the roads.
  • The one massive difference between self isolation and Isolationism is our vs their their attitude to differences in people. In the Edo period in Japan the Samurai where tasked with exiling all people who did not belong or anybody who was not Japenese and their teachings in an effort to not "cointaminate" the Japenese public. So in the end they where not accepting at all. But in the modern day everyone's opinion no matter what is accepted and takein into account wile we are in self isolation, but their opinion is only taken into account if they are from 2 meters away. Those are the differences and similarities behind self isolation and Ioslationism.
  • Scientific theories
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