A Day in the LIfe of a man from Old Stone Age

Updated: 10/12/2021
A Day in the LIfe of a man from Old Stone Age

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I am your guide to this Old Stone Age. I am going to show you our activities for today.First thing, this is my cave, just look around to see my shelter and belongings.
  • Let's call in my neighbors, so we can go fishing! We are using sounds, cries and gestures to communicate.
  • ahhh!!! wooo wooo! guuguu!
  • wawiwi guguguwe
  • My friend said that we got a big fish!! He said that it is enough for us to divide and have a meal!
  • Now let's go fishing using nets made of tree barks and harpoons made of antlers with rope.
  • weee! wooo gugagagwiii!
  • I used pieces of flint stones banged together or rubbed two sticks to create fire.
  • The wild grains were grind into a stone bowl and flattened into the stone there over the fire.
  • While waiting for food to cook, I draw, carve or paint with dirt the activities I did today at my cave wall .
  • It's dusk time, let's go for hunting! Get the band together, carry your wooden spear with sharpened edge-stone and wooden stick with big rock.
  • My friend says that we wait near our trap, and Voila!! we catch a deer for dinner!
  • haha guguuuwewewi
  • And that's it for today! we are hoping tomorrow will bring the same luck as we gather and hunt.
  • While cooking the meat, my friends and I play music using bone flutes.