Updated: 8/26/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Jimmy said xxx bike park had pretty good mountain bike tracks. I wanna go there
  • xxx is super!
  • Bruh... That was not fun at all !I wanna more exciting trail.
  • Let me try this APP
  • Celestino loves mountain biking, he wants to try other mountain bike parks. One day he asked his friend for advice.
  • He found the terrain was so flat and not exciting. He was looking for something challenging.
  • What an amazing trail !
  • One day, Celestino found an APP called OFF-ROAD. It`s the app including geograpic details of each biking track, with other cylists comments. It even can record your result for each lap.
  • Definitely recommended ! I gonna rate 5 star for this track.
  • Celestino compared other users comments and checked the map thoroughly. He chose one of the track he thought could be great and decideded to go there.
  • He found the trail was awesome, he enjoyed so much with the place he choosen.
  • Celestino uploaded his best record on OFF-ROAD App and decided to leave a good feedback for this place.