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Storyboard #1
Updated: 10/9/2020
Storyboard #1
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Storyboard Text

  • Scene #1Establishing Shot
  • Scene #1MCU
  • Scene #2MCU
  • In this scene, the camera is going to establish the scene and time of day. The camera will also pan from top to bottom.
  • Scene #2MS
  • In this scene, the lego man is going to exit out of my computer and is going to look noticeably confused.
  • Scene #3FS
  • In this scene, as the lego is thinking, a pen will fall towards him, and he will need to run away, landing on the floor.
  • Scene #3Over The Shoulder
  • In this scene, The lego man is going to land on the floor, and is going to move off camera.
  • In this scene, the lego man will climb up the table and see a google home hub, and begin to explore.
  • As the lego man is fascinated by the hub, he feels a shake. When he turns around and sees a human (me) eating a pancake. After I leave, he will take a piece of it, and begins to ask himself if this life is better than his lego world.
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