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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • your son will be a king or a spiritual leader
  • my son will only be a king
  • MOVE NOW!!
  • I never new things were like this
  • Siddhartha Gautama was born around 563 B.C in a place in north of India. His father was the ruler of the kingdom. That day a fortune teller came and told the king that his son would either be a religious leader or or a great king.
  • we are the Hindu gurus
  • The prince was raised in luxury an wealth and had all the things a man could ever need. He was protected by his guards day or night never exposed to the poor,sick, or people who are sick or diseased.
  • I am meditating hmmmmmmm
  • One day Siddhartha Gautama felt curious and decided to sneak out with out his guards and only his chariot and driver. When he was out he saw 4 sights the old man leaning on a stick, a man who was shrunken by diesese, a man who had died, and a wondering holly man. This made Siddhartha Gautama realize what his father told him was all a big lie.
  • if you complete your goals in life and find the true meaning you will reach enlightenment
  • Because of these sights that he had saw he started to search for salvation and the meaning of life. So because of this he decided to take away all his pleasures and moved into the jungle with some Hindu gurus so that he could see how life was for others. But these Hindu gurus did not give him what he was looking for so he moved on. and became an ascetic this caused him to find what he was looking for.
  • One day Siddhartha Gautama sat under the Bodi tree and meditated for 49 days.He was tempted to move by gods and other things like weather but nothing stopped him. During the middle of his meditation he went deeper and deeper into meditation and when he had finished he had finley understood the cycle of birth, death, an rebirth because of this he had entered the great enlightenment
  • Because of his 49 day meditation he had finley freed himself from the endless cycle of life and had reached the perfect stage of his lifetime . In the end Siddhartha Gautama had turned into Buddha and traveled around the world teaching Buddhism and the message of truth and hope to all.
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