The League of Nations
Updated: 12/18/2020
The League of Nations

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  • Edition 96
  • the journey to finding peace after war
  • The League of Nations
  • by: Maggie Megosh
  • January 1918
  • President Woodrow Wilson created Fourteen Points through a speech, highlighting the importance of peace during post war times. These ideas eventually lead to the creation of The Treaty of Versailles at the Paris Peace Conference.
  • The Treaty of Versailles!
  • January 1919 - 1920
  • The League of Nations was also created during the Paris Peace Conference. The League of Nations was to be an international group formed to solve disputes between countries before they erupted into warfare.
  • With his treaty in hand and a drafted proposal for the League of Nations, Wilson now needed to convince the American people to back up his idea. However, Wilson soon fell sick and was unable to leave enough of an impact. The United States would not join the League of Nations.
  • Other countries were having success using the League of Nations to settle disputes, including Germany, Russia, and France. Border and land disputes, minority protection, and immigration tensions were all aided by the League of Nations. And though it was not perfect, many issues within and between countries were able to be calmly sorted out.
  • Even with Wilson's enthusiasm, the United States never ended up joining the League of Nations.
  • Though the League of Nations was disbanded, we can owe the lack of wars over a twenty year time period to its short - lived success.
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