why you shouldn´t engage in sexual behavior.

Updated: 9/3/2021
why you shouldn´t engage in sexual behavior.

Storyboard Text

  • Ummmm, I dont think I should.
  • Hey abby, I brought this vape do you wanna hit it?
  • I dont think I should have to explain myself but its not good for my health.
  • Why not? It will be fun, Just try it.
  • Well the chemicals in it can hurt your lungs and in long term,, potentially cause cancer. It cant also cause someone to develop addiction and mood disorders.
  • How?
  • Well first you can dispose of your vape, then to prevent you from doing it again surrond yourself with people who will help who dont vape.
  • I think I might be developing an addiction, how do I stop and prevent myself from wanting to do it.
  • Around 27.5% of all highschool students vape, and around 3,000 cases of vaping related ilnnesses a year.
  • Thankyou, but in curosity how many people vape and how many people get affected by it.
  • Again thankyou for helping me out and informing me on the risks of vaping.
  • Yes anytime, I love to help people stay healthy and stop drug use.
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