Superhero Comic/Collage Caesars English Lesson 17
Updated: 2/15/2021
Superhero Comic/Collage Caesars English Lesson 17

Storyboard Text

  • Please read the comic planning sheet or/and backstory/description before looking at this.
  • Hummm
  • *Wood splintering* *Shrieks of citizens in distress*
  • I got them (Orb is a dog)
  • AHHHHH its Animal Animator and one of his friends Ruit!! RUN!
  • Drat , Missed
  • Nice! Those two were the culprits.
  • Yup and now their coal xD
  • On the way home
  • Thats nice now please get out of the way Mr.Impassive Face, and take off that stupid cloak.
  • Could you please move out of our way?
  • No you knucklehead, you just burned my two most trusted spy agents, prepare for battle!
  • The person you encountered was Lerroff, the leader of the Xarmum. The Xarmum always dress in red and are ruthless warriors with tourtuous torture devices . Did you make him mad?
  • Uh oh, well we must prepare for battle at the Xarmum border.
  • Uhhhhhh, yes?
  • Animal Animator is a villain who uses the power of animation to animate overpowered glowing blue animals. We are going to fight him and win!