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Sunjaya Explains Black Oil
Updated: 9/30/2020
Sunjaya Explains Black Oil
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Storyboard Description

This storyboard explains how oil is pumped and used all over the world. It also explains the conflicts that surround oil production and usage and how, in my opinion we can fix these conflicts and our environment.

Storyboard Text

  • Oil is formed from dead organisms that are buried underneath sedimentary rock and are put through large amounts of heat and pressure. Eventually becoming petroleum.
  • Did you know that crude oil comes from deep under the ground? It is found all over the world but mostly in Southwest and Central Asia in the desert.
  • Oil is pumped up from deep underground using oil rigs throughout Southwest and Central Asia. There are vast amounts of oil reserves in this region. The pumpjacks use a counterweight that is attached to a beam that moves up and down, pulling the oil up. to the surface.
  • We use oil in many different ways. Oil products are used to move our cars and machinery. Oil is used to make plastics, like this bag here. We also use oil to heat our homes and work spaces. It is also used in asphalt for roads.Power plants and factories also rely on oil and natural gas to generate electricity. Developed countries count on oil products to keep their everyday life moving.
  • Oil distribution is very uneven in our world, especially in the region of Southwest and Central Asia. Developed countries like America use the most oil to meet their energy needs. Saudi Arabia has the most oil reserves in the world. But does this mean that Saudi Arabians are all wealthy?
  • Oil distribution causes many conflicts all over the world, not just within oil rich countries. Many wars have been fought over the ownership and usage of oil. from countries all over the world. The Persian Gulf War was one of these conflicts.
  • Just because a country has a lot of oil, does not mean the wealth is spread evenly among its people.Many people living in oil rich countries are still living in poverty.
  • Oil exporting countries want to keep the price of oil high to support their own economies while oil importing countries want the prices kept low to be able to afford to keep their countries moving forward. This can cause a lot of conflicts in the world.
  • Oil is a nonrenewable resource which means once its used it cannot be replaced. Globally, we rely on oil too much for our energy needs. If we can begin using other forms of energy like solar and wind energy, we can not only reduce our dependency on oil, we can improve our entire planet. Which would also make the conflicts over oil in the world lessen. REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE!
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