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Updated: 12/1/2020
Unknown Story

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  • You Can Not Cross!
  • I should not have to pay for these taxes
  • You have to parlaiment passed these taxes im just doing my job
  • This is not fair
  • Proclamation Of 1763- This act made an imaginary line across the Appalachian Mountains so that the colonies would not cross. Colonists ignored this act.
  • Why are you searchging our chips carge you have no right to!
  • Because the British raised the taxes
  • Sugar and stamp act- The British had raised taxes which angered many of the colonists and they thought they shouldn't have to pay for it.
  • No Taxation Without Repersentation- Colonist were very mad they hadnt got a say about the taxes.
  • Townshend Act/Reaction- The British raised taxes on glass, paper, paint, lead, tea, allowing officers to search ship's cargo with no given reason. This caused the colonist to create their own industries.
  • Boston Massacre- Five British soldiers attacked a crowd of angry colonists. This caused outrage throughout the colonies.
  • Boston Tea Party- Angry colonists boarded ships in Boston Harbor and dumped over 100 boxes of tea overboard. This angered the British causing them to set more laws.