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Rachel and Mrs.Price By: Lucy Weaver
Updated: 12/6/2018
Rachel and Mrs.Price By: Lucy Weaver
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  • Exposition
  • "Omg did you here about that one kid?"
  • Rising Action-Introduce Conflict
  • "Who's red sweater does this belong too?"
  • Rising Action
  • "So Rachel! This is your sweater!"
  • "What? No it's not!"
  • Rachel was talking to one of her friends. They were supposed to be working silently. Mrs.Price, there teacher, had found a red sweater.
  • Rising Action
  • "Don't you walk out of this classroom!"
  • Mrs.Price makes the entire class STOP what they are doing and holds the red sweater up. Then she asked if the sweater was anyone's. No one had confessed.
  • Climax
  • Mrs.Price BLAMED Rachel for leaving the sweater. "Maybe if you weren't too busy talking to your friends, you would have seen it!" Mrs.Price yelled.
  • Falling Action/Resolution (Lesson)
  • "If that were mine, I would have grabbed it don't you think!" Rachel yelled back, rolling her eyes. Mrs.Price went to Rachel's desk and smacked that sweater on her desk!
  • Rachel stood on her desk and yelled, "This. Is. Not. Mine!" Rachel put the sweater on and stormed out the classroom. As she came out she ran into Phyllis.
  • "Ew Rachel. Why are you wearing MRS.PRICES sweater?"
  • "Why are you wearing Mrs.Price sweater? Weirdo." Phyllis asked. "Wait, who's? Rachel asked confused. Rachel went back into the classroom and had asked Mrs.Price if the sweater was hers. Mrs.Price stood there in silence and was speechless. "You are a liar!" Yelled Rachel. Rachel was furious with Mrs.Price. "I am so sorry Rachel, I'll never blame you for my mistakes ever again." Mrs.Price apologized. Rachel had forgiven Mrs.Price had to raise her grades up. Mrs.Price was fine with that. Moral of the story, don't blame other people for your mistakes.
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