Biology Unit 1 Comic
Updated: 5/22/2020
Biology Unit 1 Comic
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  • Chronicles of anabolism, catabolism, and metabolism 
  • Alright I think I'm ready to review this biology material!
  • Hey Gary hows it going?
  • Hey Robinder it's going good let's hurry up and get started.
  • I have a test coming up on anabolism, catabolism, and metabolism I wanted to go over it.
  • Ok lets do it!
  • Ok what is anabolism and catabolism?
  • Anabolism is what builds up biomolecules and catabolism breaks them down.
  • How about metabolism?
  • Metabolism converts and uses energy from all the chemical activities in your body.
  • The End....
  • Ok the last thing I wanted to talk about was hydrolysis and dehydration synthesis
  • The body breaks down food by hydrolysis. Water breaks apart chemical bonds in polymers to form small monomers.
  • The body builds molecules by dehydration synthesis.
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