9S2 Media Story Board
Updated: 2/9/2021
9S2 Media Story Board

Storyboard Text

  • Meet me at the Cafe
  • Yeah, sure why not
  • Wanna meet up?
  • Danger Awaits
  • Shot 1 :Jamie is doing homework in her bedroom and finds someone to talk to.Shot - Long Shot. Camera Angle - Eye Level. Lighting - light from the window and computer screen. Sound - Silence. Camera movement - Moves slowly toward computer screen
  • Shot 2:They start chatting and decide to meet up. Shot - Close up. Angel - Eye level. Lighting - Dark with light coming from the computer. Sound - Drums in the rhythm of a heart beat. Camera movement - Camera moves closer and closer to the word cafe and then transitions into an intertile.
  • Shot 3: This sets the mood for the film. The font gives you a hind on the genre. Zoom out of the intertile to the cafe.
  • Shot 5: An adult male walks up to Jamie and says "Charlie asked to me to come and pick you up" Jamie trusts the man and follows him. Shot - Extreme long shot. Camera angle - eye level. Lighting - Quite bright, it's a sunny day. Sound - fast heart beat.
  • Jamie looking worried in the back of the car. Shot - Long. Angle - Low. Lighting - Dim, it's started to rain. Sound - Rain hitting the window.
  • Jamie says "where are we" the strange man says "Your new home" Shot - Long. Angle - Eye level. Lighting - Dim, sets a creep atmosphere. Sound - Scary music.