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Updated: 2/7/2020
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  • The beginning of it all
  • i want to help you guys.
  • Ms.ofrah
  • cops
  • When starr is driving home with her best friend khalil when he gets pulled over for a broken taillight and khalil ends up getting killed for no reason by the officer “you okay, starr---” “pow”. Also followed by two more shots.(p23)
  • one fifteen interview
  • that cop shouldn't be treated like that
  • While marching down the street for khalil starr and company get approached by a civil rights activist named Ms. Ofrah and she wants to helps starr through this. “ We all want the same thing, Justice for Khalil.” she wants to also protect stars privacy. “I don't want to put starr out there like that. Quite the opposite, actually. I want to protect her privacy."(134)
  • uncle Carlos
  • blah blah blah i punched him in the face
  • When mav a Mr.lewis have a harmless argument some cops pull up and ask them what they are doing and they take it way too far because they know that starr is the witness and he is her dad. “On the ground, face-down!” “Now!”(193)
  • The officer's father is in an interview speaking for his son and how he was simply doing his job and how his life has been ruined. Starr, Hailey, Maya are watching when hailes says “his son lost everything because he was trying to do his job and protect himself. His life matters too, you know?”(248)
  • Uncle Carlos got suspended from his job as a police officer because when he saw khalil's killer aka(his co worker) he punched him in the face for khalil and for pointing a gun at his niece “No, i had a discussion with him.” “ you mean your fist talked to his eye.”(254)
  • ₩Ø₩!