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Updated: 6/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I think it is important to start thinking about expanding the United States. It'd be very beneficial
  • Hmm I need to think about this... Will it cause issues? What will it benefit?
  • What if we make Hawaii a part of the United States? More power would be given to us and this could help expand. Many positives to this!
  • How will the Hawaiians feel? This is an extremely hard decision that comes with positives and negatives but altogether this will help benefit the country. It might even help economically. Gonna go through with it.
  • What a beautiful place!! We can use this for a military base and other countries will be easier to reach.  This was a perfect idea
  • The U.S is trying to take over. This isn't good for us. They have no regard for anyone except themselves. 
  • I agree!! They do NOT care about us. What will happen to us now??
  • Are we in agreement??
  • We weren't at first because we do not like the fact that our culture could be taken away. But I guess we're in agreement...