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Epithelium Tissue
Updated: 9/13/2020
Epithelium Tissue
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  • Epithelium Elliot: Hey sister, right now I am at work, protecting important parts of the human body and keeping harmful things away.
  • Epithelium Elliot:Yes, yes I do! I'll see you at the reunion later today
  • Nerve Nadia: Oh okay well call me when you get home. You still live on the simple squamous lining of the capillaries?
  • Nerve Nadia: Okay will do and after I will go home to the temporal lobe of the brain and change clothes and head to my family reunion. Thank you!
  • Ms. Nadia since you are the boss of this corporation, the neurons need you to send them nerve impulses to control the other body parts.
  • Connective Callie: I feel I need to tell you that as your family therapist I am here to bind you guys together and provide support for you guys. I can be loose and dense but overall I am a master at connecting things.
  • That's great to know. If we ever need you in an emergency, do you live nearby your office?
  • Connective Callie:
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